2017 Submissions

The Meek The Meek Rated Stars Tales of the end of the world. Drama Rob's Vuvu Rob's Vuvu Rated Stars Take a trip through hell... Experimental Clockhouse Theater Clockhouse Theater Rated Stars SHOCK TERROR HORROR! Action The Rolling Stone 3 The Rolling Stone 3 Rated Stars Keep on rollin rollin. Action TheHappiestDaysOfOurLifes TheHappiestDaysOfOurLifes Rated Stars Just a daily reminder Drama The HamburgerClock Collab The HamburgerClock Collab Rated Stars This is a collab deticated to hamburgerclock. Spam Pass The Ca$h Pass The Ca$h Rated Stars Our Biggest Collab Yet Spam Turn Back The Clock Turn Back The Clock Rated Stars Great Sacrifices Will Be Made Action The Fatal Quest The Fatal Quest Rated Stars The fate of Clocktopia rest in Sage's hands. Will he save the world in tiem? Action The Rolling Stone The Rolling Stone Rated Stars A rock's journey to himself Drama My Little Eulogy My Little Eulogy Rated Stars Friendship is not enough... Comedy - Parody 10 2nd Collab 10 2nd Collab Rated Stars this is a 10 second collaberation animation. Action Final Euology Final Euology Rated Stars Welcome to Hell, Thor. Action vuvuzelajoinsthenavy vuvuzelajoinsthenavy Rated Stars Vuvuzela joins the navy Action Peanutbanned Peanutbanned Rated Stars Oh what has become of poor PeanutbutterClock Comedy - Original Impromptu Cat Day Collab! Impromptu Cat Day Collab! Rated Stars Cat Day 2012 Comedy - Original Eulogy for: A Zombie Eulogy for: A Zombie Rated Stars A Blue zombie infact! Comedy - Original VuvuzelaClock's Lament VuvuzelaClock's Lament Rated Stars ....Poor Vu..... Spam Vuvu's FF Adventure 8 Vuvu's FF Adventure 8 Rated Stars Vuvuzela finally reaches the top!!! Action NOT Vuvus FF Adventure 7 NOT Vuvus FF Adventure 7 Rated Stars Whale Whale Whale!!! What do we have here? Experimental Vuvu's FF Adventure 6 Vuvu's FF Adventure 6 Rated Stars Cave explorin!!!! Action Vuvu's FF Adventure 5 Vuvu's FF Adventure 5 Rated Stars Vuvuzela continues his ascend! Action Vuvu's FF Adventure 4 Vuvu's FF Adventure 4 Rated Stars Sleepy time for Vuvuzela on his trip to the top Action Vuvu's FF Adventure 3 Vuvu's FF Adventure 3 Rated Stars Vuvuzela ascends! Action Vuvu's FF Adventure 2 Vuvu's FF Adventure 2 Rated Stars VuvuzelaClock prepairs to start his journey to the summit of the mountain, but who else? Action Vuvu's FF Adventure 1 Vuvu's FF Adventure 1 Rated Stars Ah, the start of a beautiful series full of suspense and wonder. Action
Cultmas Cultmas Rated Stars The ClockCult celebrate Clockmas and prepare to spend eternity with their dark lord. Comedy - Original Force Field Force Field Rated Stars StrawberryClock tackles the anti clocks for controll over Clocktopia and to stop thdrkside Action Eulogy for: A Pumpkin Eulogy for: A Pumpkin Rated Stars It's that time of the year again, Time for VuvuzelaClock to go trick or Treating! Comedy - Original Burgathon Burgathon Rated Stars Happy HamburgerClock day! Action Penny Fate Penny Fate Rated Stars The Vu and SoBe take a stroll through Clocktopia and SoBe finds a penny! Comedy - Original Bob and Ross: Episode 6 Bob and Ross: Episode 6 Rated Stars Bob is not strong enough to open a jar of pickles. Comedy - Original SteakClock : Origins SteakClock : Origins Rated Stars What kind of experiments do they perform in outer space? Action Dickin' Around Dickin' Around Rated Stars The trees are green, the leaves are brown, and all I do is dick around! Music Video SBC Celebrates CD SBC Celebrates CD Rated Stars StrawberryClock shows how he celebrates ClockDay every year. Comedy - Original Eulogy for: ThorClock Eulogy for: ThorClock Rated Stars Zuzuvela requires more blood lust Action Eulogy For: Pineapple Eulogy For: Pineapple Rated Stars Vuvuzela rants about his removed piece of artwork Comedy - Original Jungle Fever Jungle Fever Rated Stars In a island ruled by the golden one, will blue prevail? Action The Artist's Plight The Artist's Plight Rated Stars The artist known as Toast finds that his amazing talent only goes so far at home Drama Enter ToastyToastedToast Enter ToastyToastedToast Rated Stars E! True Hollywood Story Informative Pop-Tart Clock Nyan Pop-Tart Clock Nyan Rated Stars OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD Comedy - Parody SirClock Takes a Stroll SirClock Takes a Stroll Rated Stars SirClock takes a stroll down ClockAvenue Comedy - Parody Drink & Fight Drink & Fight Rated Stars Drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight Comedy - Original BobAndRoss Ep5 BobAndRoss Ep5 Rated Stars Bob dresses up for Cat Day! Comedy - Original Now In Many Colors Now In Many Colors Rated Stars Now in many different flavors! Comedy - Original PolyhydronMan PolyhydronMan Rated Stars PolyhydronMan does whatever a polydronclock can! Comedy - Original BobAndRoss Ep4 BobAndRoss Ep4 Rated Stars Bob sees whats up with Ross who is trying to enjoy a drink Comedy - Original BobAndRoss Ep3 BobAndRoss Ep3 Rated Stars bob gets a tank! Comedy - Original BobAndRoss Ep2 BobAndRoss Ep2 Rated Stars Day one of Flashflood Comedy - Original
Dwarf's LoveLetter 4 Dwarf's LoveLetter 4 Rated Stars The mystery has been solved! But how many lifes will it take? Comedy - Original 100k dollar laptop 100k dollar laptop Rated Stars Poptart and Vuvuzela test out there new $100,000 laptop Comedy - Original Dwarf's LoveLetter 3 Dwarf's LoveLetter 3 Rated Stars Dwarf sets out to find the letter-writer. Comedy - Original Dwarf's Love Letter 2 Dwarf's Love Letter 2 Rated Stars Turns out that Dwarf didnt really write the letter. Dwarf finds out about the letter too.. Comedy - Original Dwarf's Love letter Dwarf's Love letter Rated Stars Dwarf gets lonely Comedy - Original Vuvu's Haloween Short Vuvu's Haloween Short Rated Stars Vuvuzelaclock goes trick or treating! Comedy - Original ClockWaker ClockWaker Rated Stars The story on how bananalock was defeated. Or was he....Nah Drama VuvuzelaClock Short #5 VuvuzelaClock Short #5 Rated Stars After VuvuzelClock's revival, RobClock captured him and starts to haze him. will he escape Comedy - Original Keyboard Vuvuzlaclock Keyboard Vuvuzlaclock Rated Stars Tis took 30 minuits lol Comedy - Parody VuvuzelaClock Short #4 VuvuzelaClock Short #4 Rated Stars 4th installment. Something is going wrong with my audio streaming :/ Comedy - Original Sisterfla Sisterfla Rated Stars Slurpy and Poptart Clock sing a duet, or so Slurpy thinks Comedy - Parody VuvuzelaClock Short #3 VuvuzelaClock Short #3 Rated Stars Third episode to the VuvuzelaShort series! Comedy - Original VuvuzelaClock Short #2 VuvuzelaClock Short #2 Rated Stars Ive decided to make a epic story of how the vuvuzelaclock earned his respect! Comedy - Original VuvuzelaClock short #1 VuvuzelaClock short #1 Rated Stars Some of the clocks get tired of VuvuzelaClock. REVENGE! (loops) Comedy - Parody BobAndRoss Ep1 BobAndRoss Ep1 Rated Stars Found this from a while ago. never knew why i didnt upload Comedy - Parody Leek Clock Spin Leek Clock Spin Rated Stars It had to be done Comedy - Original